Global investments with an operational mindset


MIMIR invest to drive fundamental change...

MIMIR is a global investment firm acquiring non-core business units of larger corporations as well as private companies that need operationally oriented ownership. We deliver transaction solutions to demanding Sellers in all industries. Our team has specific expertise in manufacturing, industrials, pharma & chemicals, medical devices, software & hardware, and paper & pulp.

The partners of MIMIR combine senior operating backgrounds from a range of industries, with extensive experience from executing complex multijurisdictional M&A transactions. Our team members all have demonstrated unique skills in creating strategic operational value through hands on leadership in various types of situations and identifying the most suitable solutions for Sellers with the highest demands.

making the world a better place

All employees of MIMIR work toward our Vision of making the world a better place, by supporting the companies we own in defining their purpose. Our end game is helping our companies become the best they can be across all dimensions that are included in being a responsible and sustainable enterprise. We believe our vision is as challenging as it is motivating. Our teams work hands-on together with the companies we own, enabling the vision.

We deliver solutions to demanding stakeholders

Sellers of companies: creativeness, speed and certainty to close.

We maintain a senior Operations team and an M&A team. During transactions and transition we include our Operations team early on to provide insights that guide the transaction. Assembling the M&A solution around the transaction we pride ourselves in being flexible, structuring transactions to achieve goals and demands of the Seller. This solutions provider approach imply MIMIR can agree on transactions in the most demanding of situations.

Companies we acquire and own: a challenging owner and profitable growth.

We preserve value and safeguard critical company operations by ensuring stability in situations that typically bring significant uncertainty to an organisation. In this quest we seek to protect important stakeholder interests of customers, employees, suppliers and often the seller of the business at hand. Our long-term focus on operational value creation and our ultimate Vision of contributing to the world around us, we believe, creates the best foundation possible for companies to flourish.

Employees and the Community at large: saved and new jobs.

Many of the companies we acquire are important for regional economies, we work with unions, local government and other important stakeholders to craft transactions that save jobs and create the foundation for new ones.

Rapid and focused due diligence

We execute most of our due diligence in-house, using our own resources. This is an unusual approach but useful in getting to know the businesses we acquire even before the transaction happens and gives us the upper hand when the newly acquired company is transitioned into MIMIR ownership. Using our own resources also mean we can provide the speed required to get transactions done in very short time frames, and ensuring the certainty to close required by demanding sellers.

Strong operations team

Our operations team manage key due diligence work streams on strategic and operational matters and take the lead implementing our operational plan post transaction. The MIMIR operations team is led by Jeff Bork and Henry Selenius, both with 30 year + careers as CEOs and leaders in large global blue chip organisations, both Stock Exchange listed and Private Equity owned. Strategic and operational impact is at the core of the value we deliver, why the operations team is closely involved in the management of the companies we own. Our team work hands-on and laser focused inside our companies to support management teams on the most urgent matters at hand. In situations where we acquire companies without key leadership in place, individuals from the MIMIR operations team step in and fill such functions during an interim period of time.