Creative acquisitions of companies from corporations and government institutions


Working with carve-out transactions

Our team has significant experience working with carve-out transactions and with large corporations. Large corporations continuously call on our Team to review acquisitions of non-core and non-strategic business areas on a global basis. These transactions are often complex involving entities that are difficult to finance, lacking legal entities, operating across multiple geographies, exhibiting a need for introducing key corporate functions post transaction or installing replacement IS/IT systems. Equally important for us is to ensure that the Seller does not experience issues in its supply chain or amongst its customers, related to the transaction.

Current investments

MIMIR's current portfolio companies were acquired in situations that required significant operational attention during the acquisition, carve-out/transition and post-acquisition ownership. One of the assets was acquired from a government entity, involving substantial commitments to Seller with regards assurances as well as requirements on the Mimir governance post-acquisition.

Situations we seek

We invest in all sectors, but also have particular expertise in Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Heavy & Light Manufacturing, Paper & Pulp, Software and Technology Hardware. The Companies we acquire typically exhibit one or more of the following: a) Sales (EUR) from 30 million to 1+ billion; b) EBIT margin from negative to positive; c) Company requires or would benefit from strong leadership and assistance from active owner; d) Complex transaction (particular seller requirements, technically or legally complex carve-out); e) the Transaction is a Carve-out from a corporation, or acquisition from Government controlled ownership.

MBO team partnerships

We are open to partnering with other investment firms as well as management teams that want to execute a management buy-out together with MIMIR as its operational and financial partner. Many large companies maintain non-core business units or divisions. We work constructively with CEOs of such divisions creating stand-alone companies with the foundation to become the best they can be. If you are such a CEO and you share our Vision, please contact us on a confidential basis.